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Team Members - Owner Cheryl Donaldson

Cheryl Donaldson


Hi, my name is Cheryl. My family and I live in a small town in Florida on ½ acre of fenced land. I have raised and bred Pomeranian’s for the past almost 30 years. Started as a Hobby Breeder of Poms, currently I have 7, now to a more informed Breeder of both Pomeranians and Border Collies which I have 3. In 2017 I attended Nationals in Orlando. Wow! I at that point realized so many new and wonderful things about the world of showing. I now show both my Poms and Borders in a variety of sports and activities. Both 2018 and 2019 we were invited to show at Nationals in Orlando FL. Since that time I continue to dig and research all areas of both Pomeranians and Border Collies to include health, breeding and activities for dogs.

Before I was even a teenager, I owned a dog but as I got older my passion for dogs have grown. Teaching tricks and training so that my dogs would be even more enjoyable companions. Since dogs are a very big passion of mine, I enjoy doing research on them finding out what makes them tick.

Every day I continue to learn and research all that I can to enhance the health of my dogs and to ensure that I am doing everything possible to better any future litters of puppies as well as continue and better the health of my dogs.

I am very blessed to have the full support of my husband and my children. My husband Randy continues to help me in showing my dogs as well and helping me by driving to events. He supports me in my many projects like building agility equipment helping me in training the dogs and preparing them for shows. Kind of like a tag team effort. Not to forget my sons who also help me showing and training the dogs as well and enjoying all the fun aspects of dog ownership.

Thank you!


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Pet Grooming
Puppy Training
Nutrition Expert
Veterinary Technician