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Leah has been a very consistent puppy since we brought her home. We used to think of her like a turtle when she was younger. She would finish but might not be the fastest. However, as she has grown she has certainly changed. Saying she loves to retrieve would be an understatement if you walk outside she will be the one who brings you something probably a ball and drops it at your feet over and over and over picking it up and dropping it again if you didn’t notice it the first 5 or 6 times she will bring it closer to you.  

She is also the dog that you can always count on getting the frisbee or ball even if the others have decided not to return it. Her love is Fast Cat and she continues to get faster and faster. She is learning to jump off the dock but not quite ready to run and jump. She has these eyes that you just can’t turn her down when she is wanting to play. Probably the highest jumper we have, yet you have to pick her up to put her in the crate in the car.