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Tabitha is my wild and crazy child. She is the dog that you just never know what to expect from her as long as you know she will do it with a bundle of energy. When playing with two or more dogs she is the one that runs wide and will be very persistent to make sure she is the one that brings the toy to you. Playing frisbee she loves to run circles around you until you pick the frisbee up and throw it (if you can get her to drop it, to begin with).  

She loves all sports, all activities and loves to roll over. She is that dog that is perfect to get you out and moving. I have learned with doing Agility (puppy stages) with Tabitha and that doing agility with a Border is a lot faster paced then doing it with a Pomeranian. Tabitha loves Agility, Dock Diving, Fast Cat anything Frisbee just as long as you are moving. She has her BCAT title and her trick Intermediate title. Keep your eye on her she is gonna go a long way.