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Samson was our first Border Collie. To say he wasn’t what we expected in a Border Collie does not mean we aren’t head over heels in love with him.  Samson is a very laid back Border Collie. Very smart and has no problem seeing if he can get away with something with a newbie. He is a very loving Border Collie that loves to chase balls (only when others want it) and frisbees (any and all times).  

His heart’s desires were revealed at Nationals in Orlando when he was showing in Puppy Stakes and heard the splash of dogs at the North America Dock Diving area. He has been a dock diving dog ever since. Now loves a variety of performance sports. Proudly carries his Senior Advanced Dock Diving Has a DCAT and Trick Intermediate title as well as his Advanced Canine Good Citizen and recently earning an Advanced Temperament Title as well. Samson isn’t done earning and learning as we continue to enjoy activities with him.