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Dock Diving

What Is Dock Diving

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Dock Diving is one of the most popular sports for dogs. This sport is so much fun for both the dog and the owner. To participate in this activity, the dog must be healthy and should be over 6 months of age. Puppies love to be involved in this activity as swimming is great therapy for them. In this sport, the dog competes in jumping for distance into water. There are several dock diving events organized across the U.S. each year. A/R retrieve and Hydro Dash were introduced in 2019.

Train Your Puppy for Play Dock Diving

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Swimming is a wonderful way to endurance train, rehabilitate and exercise your puppy. Dock diving helps in building confidence and strength of your puppies. Participating in this new and popular dog sport is rewarding for you as well as your puppy.

Your puppy will need training for dock diving. If your puppy loves to swim  then you should check it out. This fun activity combines running, jumping, fetching, and swimming.  You should check it out.

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