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Our Parents

Our Pomeranians

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Our Pomeranian parents are just like our family members. We spend quite a bit of our time in taking care of them whether it’s training or grooming or just simply playing with them. Here at My Fuzzy Buddies, we have recently started feeding them a high quality raw diet. The higher cost and not being as simple as feeding kibble pales in comparison to the benefits of a raw diet.

Not only do you have a happier healthier dog, you can see it in their energy as well as their teeth. Proper grooming of your dog not only enhances the relationship you have with your dog but gives you a chance to find any unusual marks or changes in your dog’s coat or feet. They are groomed weekly and bathed as necessary, they also learn to tolerate having their teeth brushed.

Oreo O's

Breed Type: Pomeranian
Born: 08/24/17
Favorite: Running, Tree branches
Oreo’s mommy is Cookie and daddy is Cap’n. He has a very captivating look in his face. Extremely friendly and loves to be loved on. 

Lucky Charms

Breed Type: Pomeranian
Born: 01/18/2007
Favorite: Squeaky toys, Retrieving, Bouncing around
Lucky has always been a favorite among family and friends. He just has one of those faces that you can’t resist.

Pomeranians - Cap’n Crunch

Cap’n Crunch

Breed Type: Pomeranian
Born: 02/04/2016
Favorite: Chasing balls, Squeaky Toys, Performing tricks
Cap’n Crunch is a very active playful boy. Very intelligent and proud to say he holds a Trick Advance title. 

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