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Pomeranian parentsPomeranian parents

Lucky Charms


Lucky has always been a favorite among family and friends. He just has one of those faces that you can’t resist. However, Lucky takes a minute or two to love ya and forgets that he knows you when you put him behind a fence or a gate. He turns into a ferocious dog, open the gate and poof back to lovely dog. (only if you’re brave enough to open the gate lol) 

Lucky loves to play retrieve with you even though he is 13 years old he hasn’t even started to show his age. He has always been a wonderful daddy to his puppies. Allowing a litter of puppies to pull on his hair and jerk on him has always been a quality I think is awesome. However, if you have long hair and get down within his reach he will gladly show you what having your hair pulled feels like.  hehe